I have a Google spreadsheet that contains recipient's names, emails, and a message that anonymous people have sent this Valentine's Day. I am aware of applications such as the various Mail Merges that allow one to send personalized messages. All of which that I have found, however, send in plaintext (at least in their free versions). In the Mail Merge add-ons I have used, I can't seem to include images either. I am also aware of scripts that can send HTML emails, but none that can send personalized emails automatically to a large number of people.

An example message I am looking for may just be something like a simple banner image, greeting (with variable name), and variable message, perhaps with everything centered.

The easiest way I can think of to achieve this is by sending an HTML email, so I'm looking for a way to retrieve spreadsheet values for a template HTML document to send the personalized messages.

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    Please edit your question and add more details. What applications did you check and found that you can send plaintext mails only? Maybe you simply have to use HTML input to get HTML output? What part of the message should be the same for all recipients and what do you want to modify using variables? – Bodo Feb 16 at 11:35

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