I am using this formula to bring data from another spreadsheet file based on name of the month. This time for February..

=query(importrange("1L86iP0GLHTubwfvxs1kJ4ocbmgRAd4Iz0000000M","'February'!A2:F"),"Select Col6, Col5 where Col1 is not null",0)

But I would like to type the cell that has the month name instead of writing the month manually in each formula. If the cell C1="February" in file A and C1="January" in file B, how can I write C1 instead of month name in the formula? for example like this:

=query(importrange("1L86iP0GLHTubwfvxs1kJ4ocbmgRAd4Iz000000jbcM","'C1'!A2:F"),"Select Col6, Col5 where Col1 is not null",0)

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Judging from your formula, February or January must be tab names belonging to the spreadsheet.

If that is the case, use the following syntax

=query(importrange("1L86iP0GLHTubwfvxs1kJ4ocbmgRAd4Iz0000000M", C1&"!A2:F"),"Select Col6, Col5 where Col1 is not null",0)

where cell C1 has a value of February or January or...

(If still in trouble please explain better or share a test sheet.)

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    Yes February and January are Tabs.. It worked thanks alot Feb 19, 2021 at 7:13
  • Thank you for taking the time to accept. Feb 19, 2021 at 13:21

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