I respond "Maybe" to events in my Workspace calendar that I'll only attend if I need to and/or I don't have a higher-priority event/task at that time. However, these events still show me as "busy" by default, when the whole point of responding "Maybe" is so I can still be available for other events. This really screws up others scheduling events based on my availability, both through the internal "Meet with..." option and through external sources (i.e. Calendly).

I don't want to go through every "Maybe" event and change it to "Free", even for the recurring ones. I don't want to change my default availability from "Busy" to "Free", because that'd just invert the problem - I'd look like I'm free even if I respond "Yes". I know Google Calendar doesn't have a native way to edit busy/free for all events in a recurring series.

I'm looking for any third-party tool, extension, add-on, workaround, Apps script, really anything at all that will let me automate the process of showing as "Free" when I respond "Maybe". Ideally, said tool would also automatically change to "Busy" if my response changes to "Yes".

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