I'm in Google Sheets and would like to have a master document with rows indicating individual, non-duplicating course codes as the source of the primary record. Other columns (i.e. name, time, etc.) would always be associated with the cell containing the course code.

  1. I'd like to autofill other sheets in the workbook using the course code as the first validation, then taking information from other columns.

For example: If I have a Course Code, in cell A2 "WBQ_01" and the row includes the name(A3) time(A4) PTO(A5), address(A6), and checkbox(A7); how do I get A3 to populate in all the cells that relate to WQB_01 and require the name?

  1. I'd also like to apply logic between checkboxes associated with cell A2. If a box is checked on one sheet, can Sheets find "WBQ_01" and check the box?
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    Welcome to Web Applications. Question post should include only one question. Please narrow the scope of you question, show what you tried and add a brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Feb 22 at 22:16
  • Welcome. Would you please explain what you are expecting by way of an answer. Are you expecting someone to write an entire solution, or to correct some work that you have developed (even partially &/or unsuccessfully), or to provide some guidance so that you can develop your own code, or something altogether different? – Tedinoz yesterday

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