I'd like to be able to see only quote tweets quoting my Tweets. This is missing from the "Mentions Only" notification filter.

Seeing all notifications includes a lot of noise, like Retweets and Likes.

I'd like to see comments and quote tweets only.

Haven't figured out a way how to do get Quote Tweets only.

If I need a Twitter client or go through API that'd be ok, too!

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I've figured it out at least for v2 of the Twitter API.

The following query works with Twurl, and should also work generally:

twurl /2/tweets/search/recent\?query\="twitter.com/CorneliusRoemer"\ -is:retweet

So the query needs to contain the twitter.com/USERNAME and the qualifier -is:retweet which suppresses pure retweets, causing only quote tweets of user USERNAME to be shown.


Better solution, you can just do it through an ordinary Twitter search as follows:

"twitter.com/CorneliusRoemer/status" -from:@CorneliusRoemer

Of course, replace CorneliusRoemer with the account whose quote tweets you want to see.

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