I am trying to create a trigger for a script in google spreadsheet and upon trying to save the trigger I am getting the following error:

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This app is blocked This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.

I don't have G-Suite, I don't have an organization, I am simply using my personal Gmail account. I don't have the special account protection thing enabled. I tried using different scripts, even an empty script. What could be the problem here? I have used scripts and add-ons in the past, but haven't needed triggers yet. Is there another way to run a script daily or monthly, without this trigger functionality?

  • Your last comment make me think that this question looks to be a troubleshooting type question which aren't a good fit for this site. I suggest you to make a post on the Google Apps Script official community – Rubén Feb 23 at 21:25
  • thanks, Ill give it a try. – user1721135 Feb 23 at 21:36

You should be able to create triggers for your own scripts.

The referred "app blocked" message only occurs on apps created by others. In order to unblock the app the developer of the corresponding app should submit it to be reviewed by Google.


Questions on Stack Overflow about the same message

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    I get this when I go to tools > script editor, then I paste in my script (which is very simple, I even tried an empty script), then I go to triggers and when I try to save a trigger it asks me to authenticate and then this error. There aren't any other developers or even apps. What am I doing wrong? – user1721135 Feb 23 at 20:54
  • I already read those topics, unfortunately they don't offer relevant solutions. – user1721135 Feb 23 at 21:37

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