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I am trying to use a query to copy values from one column to another.

Both source and destination columns have a name on their left columns, and the name must match. The source names could be duplicated, and in that case, I would like to have the entry on the bottom. There could be empty rows as well.

If a name in the source is not found in the destination, then don't copy it.

If a name in the destination is not found in the source, then leave the destination value blank.

Please see the picture. demo picture


Please use
(Do adjust ranges to your needs)

                    " select Col2, Col3 where Col2<>'' "),2,0)))

enter image description here

How the formula works

We create a virtual column based on each row, sort and query the result.
We then use the VLOOKUP function to search the values from column G in the range of the query results with the help of the Arrayformula

Functions used:

  • It works like a charm. Thanks a lot.
    – sofname
    Feb 25 at 1:12

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