I do a report every month that has a column of Page titles and the next column is the URL. My boss wants the page titles to have the hyperlink applied to them so we can remove the hyperlink column. I've gotten pretty fast at manually doing this but I'm guessing there's a macro I could use that would save me hours every month? :) Thanks!

  • Welcome to Web Applications. Please show what you tried to create the macro yourself and add a brief description of you search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Feb 25 at 22:25
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    Does this answer your question? Generate programmatically hyperlinks to sheets in Google Sheets – Tedinoz Feb 26 at 4:32
  • Would you please explain how the column of Page titles and the corresponding column of URL are created? – Tedinoz Feb 27 at 5:02
  • Every month, I get a report from a paid service with EVERY mention of our company and I go through and copy the title and URL from that document for specific publications that we want to report on. I tried creating a macro to copy keystrokes, but it doesn't track when I copy/paste or move cells. The link that Tedinoz posted looks like it could do what I need, but I'm not sure how to re-structure the code to make it work. Here's an example that I'm working from... docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… – Brian Feb 28 at 15:15

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