I'm a fairly new user to Google Sheets, I'm trying to set up a sheet whereby when you add a new line in one sheet, it creates a separate check-list sheet. So when a new user is added to the master list, there will be a direct link to the check-list. The check-list would need to be unique to each user, so it would need to be fresh each time, hopefully some images will better explain what I mean:

Where the 'x' is, I would like to have a link to the check-list sheet, which would be generated whenever a new user was added

This is the check-list, which would need to be unique to each user

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    Welcome to Web Applications. Please show what you tried and add a brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Feb 26 at 21:45
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    Welcome. Would you please explain what you are expecting by way of an answer. Are you expecting someone to write an entire solution, or to correct some work that you have developed (even partially &/or unsuccessfully), or to provide some guidance so that you can develop your own code, or something altogether different? – Tedinoz Feb 27 at 4:51
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    May I try to clarify, please correct me. There is a single spreadsheet containing a "Master List" sheet and a "Check-in" sheet; the "Check-in" sheet is a template. When a user is added to the "Master List", you want to create a new "Check-in" sheet for the user. You highlighted two fields: "New? (y/n)" and "Status". Would you please explain the reasons for highlighting these? You said "when a user is added..." - would you please identify the EXACT point in "entering a new user" when the new "Check-in" sheet should be created. – Tedinoz Feb 27 at 4:55

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