I have a list of start dates in one tab in Google sheets. I want to pull only the start dates that reflect 2021 into a new tab, as well as pull the corresponding info for that entry from the other columns into the new tab.

Is this possible?

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    Welcome. Yes there is. Please read how to and share a test sheet so as you can be easier helped. Do not forget to include your tries thus far. – marikamitsos Feb 28 at 18:25
  • sheet shared. Looking for agents under the "Agent Master" tab with a start year of 2021 to be copied to a new tab along with the rest of their data from the other columns – Pierre Anderson Feb 28 at 19:31
  • Unfortunately your sheet is private. You need to change the editing permissions. – marikamitsos Feb 28 at 20:32
  • permissions updated – Pierre Anderson Mar 1 at 15:17

There are many ways of satisfying your question. This is just one example.

use this query =query(A1:D6,"select A, B, C, D where year(A)=2021")

Sample data


Queried data


  • will this work if your sample data is in one tab within a sheet and you want to pull the queried data into another tab in that sheet? – Pierre Anderson Mar 1 at 16:03
  • Yes. The query can be on any sheet/tab in the spreadsheet. Of course, in that case the data location (A1:D6, or whatever) will also reference the name of the sheet where the data is located. – Tedinoz Mar 1 at 20:13
  • Just to clarify. Say your data is on sheet name="raw_data" (sheet name is a single word), then the query would be =query(raw_data!A1:D6,"select A, B, C, D where year(A)=2021")-note the exclamation mark after the sheet name. If your data is on sheet="raw data" (sheet name is multiple words separated by a space), then the query would be query('raw data'!A1:D6,"select A, B, C, D where year(A)=2021")-note the single quotation marks around the sheet name. BTW, if this answer has been useful you might consider accepting the answer. – Tedinoz Mar 3 at 3:00

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