I'm an Owner of Google Groups instance with two different email accounts - my personal one (gmail.com) and my work one (mycompany.com).

I can verify that my mycompany.com email is an Owner on this page:


BUT when I try to access the Google Groups instance with my mycompany.com email I get this error:

Content unavailable

Try switching accounts, or check with your organization's administrator to make sure you have permission

mycompany.com's email is done through GSuite. I'm an GSuite admin (but not a super admin) for mycompany.com.

Maybe there's a setting in that GSuite that isn't letting me be a member of a Groups external to the domain of mycompany.com? If so where would I find that setting?

Like I can add new accounts and remove new accounts and I can change (some) people's OU's but I don't see an "Admin roles and privileges" button when I pull up a user account in GSuite. Maybe that's where I'd normally be able to do this? I can add and remove Apps if that helps idk


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