We are using Google Workspace together with Groups for Business as a shared email inbox. The given address info@example.com is also used as the email sender.

When people receive our emails from info@example.com they see in eg. Gmail only the gray silhouette of a human head.

We would like that the recipients see our company logo instead. How can this be accomplished?.

What we tried:

  • BIMI: Is currently in closed beta, and need certs that one have to buy.
  • Creating a personal Gmail account with info@example.com as the address is not possible. Gmail complains that the email is already in use.
  • Gravatar Icon does exist but is not picked up by Gmail.

Are there any other options?


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From answer by LMcKin51- G-Suite-Product Expert, Diamond Product Expert, to Set avatar or profile picture for G Suite Google Group

Groups avator not supported

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