I have created a personal expense tracker (budget) that uses google form responses and categorizes them by fortnights and expenditure categories. This has been successful on a sheet called 'Yearly Expenses - All Categories'. Now, on a separate sheet called 'Weekly Expenditure', I want to use the data from 'Yearly Expenses - All Categories' and create 2 drop down menus - one to sort the fortnightly ranges, one to sort the categories so I can see expenditure of a specific category in a specific time period. It would be nice to allow a 'select all' in these dropdowns as well.

I have (somewhat) figured out how to make the dropdowns (except the 'select all' functionality). Now I am trying to populate the data from the 'Yearly Expenses - All Categories' sheet to the 'Weekly Expenditure' sheet based off the responses to the drop down answers. For example, when the date '24/12/2020' and the category 'groceries' is selected from the 2 drop downs, 'Yearly Expenses - All Categories' sheet to the 'Weekly Expenditure' cells B2 (total expense amount), C2 (total amount budgeted for the expense category) and D2 (the amount above or below the budgeted amount) self populate.

Here is a copy of what I have been doing... Any help would be appreciated! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p6vceubE2nJnVNhvCeS5TNm3mJtIFrktDryoM-6pti8/edit?usp=sharing


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