I'm trying to create a simple counting ArrayFormula that iterates by one, if adjacent cell is empty (doesn't contain "IGNORE"). Eg COUNT column here should only count when STATUS <> IGNORE:

1     IGNORE    
2     IGNORE
3                 1
4                 2
5                 3
6     IGNORE
7     IGNORE
8                 4
9                 5

What ArrayFormula can I use here in cell C1 (COUNT)?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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Delete everything in Column C (including the header) and then place the following formula in C1:


The curly brackets form a virtual array with the header "COUNT" placed above the results.

IF(B2:B<>"",, leaves a cell blank if the adjoining cell in Col B is not blank.

In the remaining cells (those beside a blank in Col B), COUNTIFS will keep a running count of all cells in B2:B that are blank and whose row number is less than or equal to the current row number as it goes.

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