Let say, I want to block YouTube channel A.

I have cleared the history list, and often clicked "not interested" in its options whenever channel A appeared in the search results. Meanwhile, I have blocked the user in the channel about page. However, YouTube will still recommend its contents.

youtube screenshot

Here is the scenario, I'm watching video X-foo from other channel. Since I did "not interested" in channel A, channel A doesn't appear in the recommended list on the right side.

When I reach the end of the video, I considered a video from the list on the right side will be the next video to be played. However, the next video be playing automatically is, damn.. the next video is from channel A again! That is unexpected, because I've already blocked the user.

Meanwhile, strangely, unexpected, the next video is not in the recommended list on the right side.

I have searched a lot on _how to block a channel in YouTube. It works some, not completely. I just want to completely block the channels I hate, and just make it never ever appear again except until I unblock them.

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