I have just set up Family Link on my phone and my child's phone. All basically works well, but for the annoying - and not dismissible - message on my phone (Parent), which says to the effect of (translating to English):

Action on account required. [child Google account set up with Gmail]

When tapped the message appears:

Cannot use account. To configure supervision on this device, only one Google account can be logged on. To continue, remove remaining accounts. You can't use account [child Google account email] on this device until you remove all other accounts.

I don't really need to see the emails, but I would like to in case some family member will send my child something. And my child not being able to read and/or write, it would be good if I saw the email in case it's interesting. Obviously, nothing sent there will be important, but she has cousins around her age and it would be nice if they could keep in contact in more ways than WhatsApp/Skype (which can be operated by illiterate, of course).

Is there a way to do that? Interestingly, my phone pops up in my child's Family Link setup, but I can't find a way to remove it from that end at all.

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