Let's say I have a column of values, each of which is a string.

This is a string
This is longer than that
My favorite is short
But sometimes short is longer
How is a short longer

I would like to extract all of the two word combinations from this range and then count them.
The unique word pairs would be (ignoring capitalization).

this is - 2
is a - 2
a string - 1
is longer -1
longer than -1
than that -1
my favorite -1
favorite is -1
is short - 1 (etc.)
but sometimes
sometimes short
short is
is longer
how is
a short
short longer

I've tried split/join combinations, but I can't figure out how to sequence the discovery of each pair.


See test sheet.

Unique pairs of 2 word from column A are in column D as a result of following formula:


Idea is make column of single words and concatenate is with the same column offset by 1 row.

Following part returns column of single words.


Then we shift it down, please note that I used "#" symbol for shifting purposes and further filter and if original text contains "#" it won't be included in final result, so you can change that symbol if you need.


concatenate with other column and filter rows that would contain only one word.

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