How can do multiple logic check, then have multiple values combined into a single cell? I tried something like this but it only give me the first value.

=IF('Auto ITPR'!C4=TRUE,(+comments!C4), IF('Auto ITPR'!C5=TRUE,(+comments!C5)) )

  • =ArrayFormula ( ifs('Auto ITPR'!C4=true,+(comments!C4), 'Auto ITPR'!C4=false,+(comments!A1) & ifs('Auto ITPR'!C5=true,+(comments!C5), 'Auto ITPR'!C5=false,+(comments!A1) & if('Auto ITPR'!C6=true,+(comments!C6)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C7=true,+(comments!C7)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C8=true,+(comments!C8)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C9=true,+(comments!C9)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C10=true,+(comments!C10)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C11=true,+(comments!C11)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C12=true,+(comments!C12)) & if('Auto ITPR'!C13=true,+(comments!C13)) ))) But it stops when the IFS function is true – Jai Du Toit Mar 19 at 15:10
  • Welcome. Is this ARRAYFORMULA formula a new question. It is hopeless convoluted, plus you should describe the result that you expect from this formula. In any case, there seems to be confusion about the cells, events and outcomes that you are trying to evaluate. May I respectfully suggest that you would benefit from writing a flowchart, or at least a bullet point text overview, that identifies the various sheet/cells values, the possible outcomes, and the expected result for each outcome. This will simply design and trouble-shooting. – Tedinoz Mar 20 at 2:17

Your formula fails because you haven't specified a value in the event that "Auto ITPR'!C5" is false.

Try this instead:

=IF('Auto ITPR'!C4=TRUE,comments!C4, IF('Auto ITPR'!C5=TRUE,comments!C5,"Both Auto ITPR C4 and C5 are false"))

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