Back in June/July 2018 there was a daily Feed in the Google Feeds activity of a Google account for 24 consecutive days that read:

"Selected 'Photos' at ******" (see photo attached below)

All other Feeds were the usual, everyday Feeds. The Feed in question at random times of the day and was not in every Google Feed. I have kept the website anonymous (hence the asterisks) but this was the name of a business and not their url. The site had no link or affiliation to any other entries in the same Google Feeds list, and was a website in its own right. How was it possible to add a Google Feed such as this? Why would such an entry even show up in Google Feeds? I have never seen entries like this come up in Google Feeds before, or in the now Google Discover. Can anyone explain how/why this happened and how can I replicate it to prove/disprove the argument? enter image description here

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