I want to collect data in Google Analytics 4, with a rule as such:

  • if the user accepts the cookies, the data may be reused for commercial purposes, mainly through Google Ads
  • if the user refuses the cookies or does nothing, the data are still collected for analytics purposes

I know the second case is kind of borderline with GDPR, since Google Analytics may reuse the information, but it's not my decision.

So my problem is that I don't know exactly how and where I can make this difference, and I don't understand everything. For example, GA4 automatically anonymizes IP, but does that mean it won't reuse anonymized data for commercial purposes? Do I have to remove anonymization it if I want Google Ads to use this data? Are audiences sent to Google Ads the only "commercial use" of Google Analytics data?

These are random questions among many I have, I don't expect an answer for each one of them, I just don't understand how Google Analytics uses data commercially, and how to tell it "use this one for commercial purposes but keep this one for analytics only".

My other option is to use Google Analytics for commercial purposes only, and another tool for analytics purposes (some tools don't need user consent for analytics) but I'd rather have only one tool.

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