I am working on a solution which is to service preassigned unique promo codes to customers across multiple channels.

  1. Customer receives an email with a unique promo code, which at the time of send is assigned to his email address
  2. This is stored within our CRM system, and can be provided in a combination of this customer's hashed email address (HEM).
  3. Same promo code we want to present in a Facebook ad, which is targeted to same individual

I know a list of unique promo codes can be uploaded to Facebook, for use with offer ads, but there is nothing which indicates whether this upload can be pre-mapped to an email address or HEM.

Another solution, which I consider pursuing, is to allow the ad to make use of a dynamic feed which would take a unique identifier (HEM?) as a parameter, and return the assigned promo code, which the ad would parse and present. However so far I have only been able to identify product feed as the only option of serving feed based dynamic content to FB ads.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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