I asked this question on https://www.reddit.com/r/excel/comments/mikwvz/competition_tracker_create_publicly_accessible/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3, but didn't get an actionable (at my level of expertise) answer.

Using Google Sheets I'm trying to create a competition score tracker/graph that displays this information:

Each time an answer is submitted, the response sheet will display the time of the submission, the player's name, and 8 "flag" cells, one for each flag in the challenge. The only flags that will have data will be correct flag submissions (thanks to Google Form's "response validation"), and my expectation is that each player will be submitting once for each flag, although players can and should be allowed to submit multiple flags at once. Once factor that I have to account for is that players might re-submit previously submitted flags, so I want to account for that before the score is tallied and displayed on the graph.

Along the X-axis, the graph would track the time that each answer is submitted.

Along the Y-axis, the graph will display the total score.

Each colored line in the line graph will be a different player (my expectation is approx. 5-10 players total). As I linked in the reddit post, my hope is to display a graph that functionally resembles this one

and I'll use Google Sheets to "publish" the graph so that it can be viewed throughout the competition.

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  • Your question includes a sample graph, would you please also provide the sample data that relates to the graph. You said the Y-axis will display the total score; would you please explain how the score is calculated. – Tedinoz Apr 6 at 6:32