I created a calendar in Google Sheets. I am using it to schedule appointments for several different clinicians. I was able to create a calendar with a drop down for each month of the year in which the dates appropriately correspond to the appropriate day of the week. I began inputting information for each date and the same information appears in the corresponding cell for every month. How do I prevent that? The cells do not have a formula to have the information copy to the same cell each month.

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    Welcome to Web Applications. This looks to be a troubleshooting type question which makes it a no good fit for this site. Please add more details and reword the question so people should not guess what is happening with your "calendar". Tip. Create a a new spreadsheet and try to add the minimum elements to reproduce the undesired behavior, then if you still need help update your question to share what are those elements that you added to the new spreadsheet. – Rubén Apr 5 at 22:10
  • Welcome, Brett. Do you use your spreadsheet for billing purposes also? I am wondering why, if you want a calendar, you just don't use Google calendar. Sometimes we make spreadsheets jump through hoops when there are easier solutions. – Tedinoz Apr 6 at 5:11
  • I am using it for scheduling multiple clinicians at a mental health facility. We arent able to use calendar because we have too many clinicians to be scheduled at different times. – Brett Apr 6 at 13:34

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