I'm trying to print the date when I change the value on a cell (status column). But spreadsheets update the date to today's date. I wish it could save the date from when the status was changed.

The code to print the date:

function TIMESTAMP() {

  var today = new Date();
  var date = Utilities.formatDate(today, 'GMT-3', 'dd/MM/yyyy');
  return date;


In the spreadsheet, the column D is where I set the status and columns H to J print the date from when the status was changed.


The code for column H is the following:

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ROW(H:H)=1;"Logística";IF(ISBLANK(D:D);;IF((D:D>=3)*(D:D<6);TIMESTAMP();IF(D:D<1;"Aguardando Pagamento";IF(D:D=2;"Aguardando Etiqueta";IF(D:D=6;"Cancelado";"Aguardando Faturamento")))))))

The codes for columns I and J are similar to H. So, how to print the date from when the status in column D was changed and keep spreadsheet from updating to today's date?


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One way of solving this is to create Google Apps Script code that runs every time the spreadsheet changes (using the onEdit event - guide here).

The problem with your approach is that in general, all spreadsheet cells get recalculated when their source cells change, thus updating its contents.

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