I am collecting scholarship recipients in a Google form. The recipients names are in a checkbox format, as some donors give to multiple students. I need to separate out the names into additional rows, but keep the corresponding data (amount, name of scholarship, etc.). This form also has student's names so I can't share it to get the specific help. Anyone willing to help me out?

It is a similar issue as found here: Simplifying Google Form Checkbox Responses into Itemized List

I have made a makeshift sheet without sensitive info. Form Responses tab shows how the responses come in, and the Awards by Student tab shows how I need them to be. Find it here.


Credits: thanks to player0 for sharing the idea for a different problem

You can try this:

SUBSTITUTE(IFERROR(SPLIT(REGEXREPLACE(Responses!B2:B, ", |,", "♥"), "♥")) & "♠"& Responses!$C2:C & "♠"& Responses!$D2:D & "♠"& Responses!$E2:E,
"♠♠", ""))), "♦")), "♠"), "where Col4<>''"))

enter image description here

Spreadsheet solution: HERE

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