I'm curious how to set the scaling method (such as nearest-neighbor scaling) of any image in Google Docs, switching between them for different use cases. By that, I mean how the image is rendered on a screen. The nearest-neighbor method keeps sharp angles sharp but the image might feel pixilated, and a Bicubic method has a more blurry effect but might also keep other details. >wikipedia link<

Question: How can I change the resize/scaling method of an image in Google Docs?

How do I know this is possible in the first place?: (supplementary information)
My company uses a document template in Google Docs, every document uses the same template. The template contains an icon/image. The image is resized to fit inside the header of the document (original uploaded is 400x400 px).

I came across a document in our Google Drive where the said image was rendered slightly different, the image looks pixilated. Most likely the image is scaled/rendered inside Google Docs with a nearest-neighbor method.

For clarity, I show the difference in the image below, comparing screenshots of two different documents at two different zoom levels: Image of the rendering of the icons compared in different documents ((I scaled the image x2 with nearest-neighbor for better viewing experience))
The image in "Document 1" has more pixelated features, while the image in "Document 2" has smoother edges. The difference is clear if one compares the letters FTM, or if zoomed in at pixel level. Even though I upload the same image.

What I have tried: I couldn't find the option to change scaling mode inside Google Docs. Replacing, moving, or resizing the image does not change the pixelated effect. I have not found a function to change the image scaling method in their apps-script documentation. The person who made the document doesn't know why it is that way. The history of the file doesn't tell either. I haven't found the answer to this on the internet.

Any clues are much appriciated.


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