I have a free Strava account. In my profile on the Strava webpage, I can see my estimated best efforts. For what concern running I can see:

  • 1k
  • 1 mile
  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Half-Marathon
  • Marathon

After a run, Strava told me that I completed my best 400m effort. Is there a way to see (with a free profile) my estimated 400m best effort without remembering (and looking for) the specific activity in which I performed my 400m best effort?

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I can't see a way to view 400 m efforts, except for 3rd party sites/web apps. A free option is PB Viewer:

  1. allow the app to sync with strava and import your activity data
  2. in the activities view of the app, use the 3-dots menu of a column to select distances (400 m is an option)
  3. click a column header (e.g. 400 m) to cycle through sorting options until you see an up arrow to sort the activities by best time for that distance

Other sites/web apps that offer a paid option to see 400m PR:

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