I'm trying to generate some simple plots of shapes on the coordinate plane using Wolfram Alpha. I've had success with plotting the shape, but sometimes the plot output doesn't look nice. For example, the following plots the vertices of a rhombus on the coordinate plane:

Plot {(-5,3), (-1,0), (-1,-5), (-5,-2) (-5,3)}

However, the plot is distorted because

  1. the y-axis is shown at x = -5; and
  2. the scale for the x-axis doesn't match the scale for the y-axis.

As a result, my rhombus doesn't look like a rhombus. Is there a way to control what portion of the coordinate plane Alpha plots on? I've tried adding

on x:[-8,8] y:[-8,8]

at different points in the command, but that won't work. Anyone know the secret?


No I've tried various combinations, the only thing I can come up with is

find edges in Plot{(-5,3) (-1,0) (-1,-5) (-5,-2)}, x and the image output is horrible. Sorry.

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