On draw.io, I am trying to move a row in a table, I grab the right hand equals sign on the row to move, but when I move it to a new position the row snaps back to its original position. I am using the online version on Windows 10

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When a row is dropped to early, it could snap to original position. Check the following article: https://drawio-app.com/tables-in-drawio-got-a-makeover/ In order to move row 4 to another place, it was drag&dropped slightly over the first row and it became the 2nd row.

Hopefully the article will help.


It's not really designed to work in this way. Just add a row, copy and paste the values, then delete the old row. 5 second job.

Draw.io works in objects. The object is a table in this scenario. It's not designed to move sub-objects (rows) from one object (table) to another object (table).

Draw.io is an awesome tool I used on a daily basis, but don't expect unicorns.

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