I try to create a Microsoft Forms quiz with a question that has some fix choices and should have an Other choice with a text input.

At first I have already created a form in Microsoft Forms, and it had the choice, I was confident that a quiz can do this as well:

enter image description here

As I need to score the questions, I had to change to a quiz.

Surprisingly, the quiz looks a tiny bit different:

enter image description here

It looks that quiz can't have the Add "Other" option (I'd guess, forms and quizes use the same engine under the hood so it could handle the 'Other' option)

I found this thread about the misterious disappering of the Add "Other" option in the recent version and some very vague effort to find it inside the rendering issues of the browser pages (what...?):

Try the tab button on your keyboard (it is the one often marked TAB on your keyboard usually above the caps lock button, might just have left and right arrows on it) to move from one box/field to the next until you get to the bottom then you should see the Add option

According to them, Microsoft hid the button and it can be found on the page if you are lucky and persistent. Did they find the Add option button which was already there?

Can you tell if there is still hope to add a question with the Add "Other" option and with points?

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