I have a Sheet where I have all of my data entered. I have been able to filter the information to other sheets no issues when only searching in one column. I am having issues when trying to search 2 columns at the same time.

On the Source Page, I have my date listed under the following headers: Player Name (A), OVR (B), Series (C), Primary (D), Secondary (E), Bats (F), Throws (G), How To Acquire (H), Team of Card (I) & Teams Played For (J).

For most sheets, I have been able to use the following formulae:


My issue comes from when I try to search both Primary and Secondary at the same time. I was able to use a query that searched both columns but am unable to do using SEARCH.

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It is always challenging (and sometimes impossible) to provide meaningful answers based on snippets of information. However, given what you've shared here, try setting up your two-column search the same way as your one-column search, but structure the SEARCH portions this way:

SEARCH(ColD parameters) + SEARCH(ColE parameters)

The + serves as an OR.


This may be easier to do with query():

  "where J contains 'Giants' 
   and lower(D) = 'yes' 
   and lower(E) = 'no' 
   order by B desc, A asc", 

See the query language help page.

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