I have several clients who share docs with me. I can see these when I go to docs.google.com. Unfortunately, clients name their files things like "strategy" and I have many clients with different strategies.

Is there a way so that I could rename the files, or tag them visibly, or put them in my own folders/dirs, so that to me the file might appear as "Example Organization: strategy"? I don't want to rename the file as they see it.

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I've found that what you can do is "create a shortcut in Google Drive". I believe every google file (doc, sheet...) is already 'in' google Drive, somewhere, and that you can rationalise this by making a folder structure in your Google Drive space.

e.g. find the file in the list of "Shared with me" files, select it, click the drive + icon and then click the little right-arrow by the "My Drive" menu item, and from there you can select an existing folder or crete a new one.

It's awkward and doesn't seem to support mulitple selection/bulk operations, but at least it's one way to rationalise/find things.

  • Besides creating shortcuts you could use Google Drive workspaces, use Google Chat rooms, use your web browser bookmarking tool, among many other options. Apr 20, 2021 at 14:59

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