I am trying to write a formula that updates a number in the cell if another cell is empty, and leaves the last number calculated if the other cell is not empty. I am calculating my profit, which changes until I actually collect it, because my AMOUNT SPENT is a dollar value calculated from a price and quantity of bitcoin. So far I have this: =IF(ISBLANK(K2),C2-H2,()) Where C2 is AMOUNT RECEIVED and H2 is AMOUNT SPENT i.e.

400 350 Amount received - amount spent

K2 is another cell somewhere that acts as a true/false mechanism. If it is not empty, that means I have collected the profit and it no longer varies (the amount spent is Bitcoin price x amount of bitcoin spent) so my profit changes until I convert between currencies. There is probably another way of going about this that I am too inexperienced to see. Sorry for any clarity issues, I am not great with this stuff.

  • Please add some scenarios including sample input data and the corresponding expected result. – Rubén Apr 20 at 22:59
  • 1
    Welcome. "Obviously it is not possible to do this. Prove me wrong". This sort of rhetoric is not appreciated. Try this =IF(ISBLANK(K2),C2-H2,) – Tedinoz Apr 21 at 8:32
  • Sorry for the rhetoric, I find it helps me get answers faster. – Nojus Apr 21 at 12:21

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