I have a Google Spreadsheet with the information from a Google Form. The sheets updates automatically. I have a column with the hour of delivery. Now I want to sort that info in a new sheet. I can't sort that sheet because this sheet needs to keep that lay-out. In the picture you can see what I mean. This is the picture from the sheet connected to the form So this is the sheet connected to the form. More to te left (not on the picture) we have a column with the names and the addresses. So what I want to do now is this:enter image description here I guess you get it. The info from column 3 on the first picture (the time) as headers in the other sheet. So every row that has the hour: 9u-9u30 together in one column. With the info from that row: the name and the address on that row.

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    Welcome. Would you please explain what you are expecting by way of an answer. Are you expecting someone to write a solution, or to correct some work that you have developed (even partially &/or unsuccessfully), or to provide some guidance so that you can develop your own answer, or something altogether different? Would you please summarise the research that you have dome on this question, and show any solutions that you attempted. – Tedinoz Apr 21 at 8:26
  • I will add to the comment by Tedinoz by saying that there isn't even a starting point for us unless you share a link to the sheet (being sure to set the permission when creating the link to "Anyone with the link..." and "Editor"). As of right now, anyone who might think about helping would have to type in all of your data by hand. And even then, there are no names or addresses even shown in your images. Help us to help you by sharing a link. – Erik Tyler Apr 21 at 22:38

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