I'm trying to create a Google Sheet to track pitches (I'm a baseball coach). I have a current sheet that I have a check box to click if the pitch was a strike or not, and then you have to choose a "result" like a swinging strike or a foul ball or a hit ball. I was wondering if there was a formula that could search for any of those "results" and produce a true false or a 1, 0. Something like:

=If(A1, "take strike" or "swinging strike" or "foul ball" or "hit ball"), 1, 0)

There will be a total of 14 "results" I want to include in this formula to count all possible "strike" calls. I have other columns set up to total strike and balls based on 1/False. But trying to take one less step out.

I have more things I'd like to do with this sheet and will be back with other questions, but that was my first one.


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How about this?

=IF(OR(A1 = "take strike", A1 = "swinging strike", A1 = "foul ball", A1 = "hit ball"),1,0)

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