I've built a form that dumps data to a Google spreadsheet and that data, studio reads it... and turns that into a dashboard.. only problem is the text doesn't convert very well for building a dash board. I need Numbers!

That being said I would like to turn my yes or no responses, which could be in any cell and be either or into a 0 or a 1.

form response date 4-22-21, cell A1 has a YES or a NO response.
I would like this response to be shown as a "1" for yes and "0" if its no in another cell like A7.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Create a new sheet/tab and try the following formula. (You should NEVER touch the Form responses tab)

=INDEX(SWITCH('Form responses'!B2:B,"YES",1,"no",0,""))

enter image description here

(please -as always- adjust formula according to your ranges and locale)

Functions used:

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