E.g. - In gnu make, the program keeps a dependency tree for what files depend on what other files. So if one file is changed make doesn't have to 'make world'.

In Sheets does it keep a topological sort of cell dependencies so to do the minimum recalculation?


enter image description here

Will sheets spend time doing the lower part of the orange box?

If the data in the yellow box changes, will ONLY those cells dependent on the yellow box be recalculated?


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Google Sheets only calculates a formula when the data it refers to changes. In other words, if the data in the yellow box changes, only the cells dependent on the yellow box will be recalculated.

The exception is with volatile functions like indirect(), rand() and now() that are recalculated every time any value in the spreadsheet changes.

To improve spreadsheet performance, see these optimization tips.


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