For my pizza hobby I keep track of the pizzas I like to make and the ingredients in them. I have a good sheet with the following data.

Ingredients list

I would like to make a view of the same data where I can see the specific pizzas and ingredients I'm going to make today (filtering by the 2nd row "Select"). The end result would look something like the list below.

Pizza list

I have tried to use both a Pivot table and the Query function. Generally looking for how I can implement logic like: Select value_in_row_1, (sub select for ingredients) where value_in_row_2 is TRUE. Looking for any pointers or tips on what I can try.

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    Welcome to Web Applications. It's fait to say that you have a double entry table but in order to use a function like QUERY and a tool like Pivot Table you need you need a simple table, so the first step is to unpivot your table. We already have several questions about this. Please take a look to the questions referred in the follow discussion: webapps.meta.stackexchange.com/q/4812/88163, then choose one approach to unpivot your data. If you need further help, please show what you tried. – Rubén Apr 26 at 3:45

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