I am having an issue with my google form and where the responses are being saved. I have them going into an existing spreadsheet that has already been named. Now for some reason I am having an issue that when a new person submits a response it opens up a new tab stating Form Responses and then a number behind it. I don't want new tabs for every response that I get. I want them to all filter to the exact same tab and only that tab. How do I make it to where new tabs will not open for new responses to my form that I created?

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    Welcome to Web Applications. This is not something that Google Forms do by default. Please add more details so others could reproduce this behavior. – Rubén Apr 30 at 14:36
  • I don't want new tabs for every response that I get All responses for a given form will appear on the same "Form Responses #" tab. OTOH, multiple "Form Responses #" tabs are created when the same spreadsheet is the destination for multiple forms (though not every tab need be active). In your spreadsheet, a "Form Responses #" tab is linked to a specific form if has an additional menu item "Form"; select "Edit form" to show the name of the linked form. Would you please advise how many active forms you have, and how many active "Form Responses #" tabs? – Tedinoz May 3 at 11:46

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