I am recording stats from games. One sheet lists PLAYERS with their stats. It includes a RATINGS formula based on performance standard of previous games.

One a second sheet, I list the results of the games. One cell takes the current rating from PLAYERS/RATING, Then incorporates the current game stats and displays an updated NEW RATING.

This new ratings should be used for the next game .... and so on.

My issue is when the RATING in the PLAYERS sheet is updated it would recalculate all previous games as well, right? How can I work around this?

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    Welcome to Web Applications. Please show the structure and formulas that you are using and add brief description of your search efforts as is suggested in How to Ask. – Rubén Apr 30 at 22:38
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    It is hard to answer your question because you have provided only general information and no details about the layout, data or formulas. Would you please edit your question to include an example of the PLAYERS sheet and the formulas that link it to the RESULTS sheet and also the Ratings formula on PLAYERS. Would you also please provide an example of the RESULTS sheet and show how scores are recorded and performance is calculated. Lastly, would you also please explain why there appear to be two ratings formulas (one on each sheet), rather than a single ratings formula. – Tedinoz May 3 at 11:21
  • Yes, that last post was made in haste. My goal is to continually update the "Player Rating" after each game. All players begin with the same rating as shown in PLAYERS:B column. In the SCORES tab the values in column P are either added or subtracted from the beginning rating based on whether they win or lose. This would change the player's rating for future games. Example sheet: [link]docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/… – Grayson Robbins May 5 at 16:57

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