I run an online business through my relatively new Facebook account, and my personal Facebook Account is the admin of my Online Shop got disabled recently. Before running ads, I was asked to upload my ID and I did and it went through (this was months ago) and this was for the ad account and I still had access to my personal account.

Today, something happened and my Personal account got disabled, and I was asked to upload a clear photograph of myself with no one in the shot. I did it.

Now it is under review, but this time it says:

We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID - 19). This means we may be unable to review your account

I am scared about losing my account as my Business Page with 10K Likes, that is generating me income is attached to this personal account as an ADMIN. This is the only account as the ADMIN as there are no other accounts linked to my Business. I can't even login to my Business Manager cause it gets to this message. However, my ads are still running (I see so many new comments on the posts of page through my friends phone) but it is useless because I can't access the Business page or the Inbox to reply to customers.

Does anyone know what the timeline is for such reviews and what are the odds that I will get back my account back? Because it says "We have received your information but due to COVID we might not be able to review it", is that Facebook saying that they won't?

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