I'm a baseball coach creating a google sheet to help track pitches and results for my college guys during games so they can see a lot of different information. I posted a few weeks ago about how to automatically count a "strike" if cell H5 had any one of 12 different options. I got the answer and am very thankful. Now I have a few different questions.

First, I'd like the chart to autofill the "count" column. Not sure how to do that with unspecified starting and ending points. Also, the count will only ever be up to 3-2. Even if there is another foul ball, the count still stays at 3-2. Third, after an end of the at bat "result" (such as "line hit" or "BB") is selected, I'd like the count to reset to "0-0" and a new "At Bat" is listed. Again, not at all certain if this is even possible without definite starting and ending points. I can also reformat the cells to be a single cell and have it just be text that populates the cell. Not sure if that would be any easier/better to deal with only one cell instead of two (especially for my following question).

The other big thing I would like to be able to do is find out what the results were at the end of an at bat if the pitcher won or lost the 1-1 count. So after reaching a "1-1" count, we want our pitchers to win that count, forcing a 1-2 count rather than a 2-1 count. Having the data to back up that claim would be great, so knowing what the results were after a 1-1 win vs a 1-1 loss would be great. However, as previously stated, NO idea if that's possible without definite cells to search. The only thing I can think of is searching for a 1-1 count, then seeing what the next count was (if B7 = 1 and C7 = 1, then B8 and C8) then searching for the next end of the at-bat result. I could make a new table at the bottom for "1-1 Win" and "1-1 Loss" then list all possible results down the column and then the sheet could generate totals for each result in the respective rows.

Just kind of spit balling here. If there are any baseball fans here, I'm more than open for other ways of doing this as well. Just trying to find the best/easiest way for my guys to track and view their data. We use an iPad during games, so the less clicking around the better.

Thanks for all your help, feel free to ask any questions. I can also share the sheet with anyone who wants to have a crack at it. Thanks.

Sheet right now

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