I have a specific "ORDER NUMBER" that shows up around 10 times with different "MONEY VALUE", so I did a dynamic table to group up all the "MONEY VALUES" for that "ORDER NUMBER".

I managed to sum all the "MONEY VALEY" and get the result I want in the dynamic table for that "ORDER NUMBER".
The issue is, I want the sum of the "ORDEM NUMBER" to show up back again in a new column in my first page.

This is what I did:

=PROCV(T55;'Tabela dinâmica 5'!A:D;4;0)

It shows up the sum result, no problem right?

But I have 10 lines of the same "order value".
So, next line is:

=PROCV(T56;'Tabela dinâmica 5'!A:D;4;0)

For me, its simple:
on T56, its still the same "ORDER NUMBER" as t55, however, the result doesn't show up. The cell it's just invisible, not even an error. if I put my mouse over it, it shows the sum of the "ORDER NUMBER" it's just not adding on the cell I did the formula.

Pic1 is the working PROCV from dynamic table, pic2 is the 2nd line not working with the exact same code and trying to get the same result.

enter image description here enter image description here

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