Desired Result:

The desired result is to insert a timestamp (local machine time or whatever) into a "Word for the Web" document or Google Docs document, on a Chromebook, by using: i) a hotkey and/or ii) voice dictation.

Formatting of the timestamp would be nice, but not necessary. Only the time of day is needed, but including the date is good too.

Any alternative solutions would be welcome, outside of Word or Google Docs, so long as it can be accomplished on a Chromebook.

Solutions I have investigated but could not get to work:

  1. Using hotkey or voice dictation to trigger a macro or script. Apparently, neither Word online nor Google Docs supports this.

  2. Google Sheets appears to allow the use of a macro to run a script, but I need this as applied to Word online or Google Docs. Google Sheets is a no-go, unfortunately.


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