Link to sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dwpeRWkkbX0adBeQkwMUI6PQa6WqRCNzNluSOw0RU5k/edit?usp=sharing

Our business pays a different rate for drive time vs. site time. We also pay overtime (over 8 hours), and double overtime (over 12 hours). Sometimes we also have a crew going to several different job sites in a day (no more than 7). Therefore I can have several different pay categories:

  • Drive
  • Site
  • Drive (Overtime)
  • Site (Overtime)
  • Drive (Double Overtime)
  • Site (Double Overtime)

Using IF and AND in combination I can determine Site (DOT) and Drive (DOT). My issue is properly determining Drive (OT) and Site (OT). I have somewhat of a solution in mind using IFS and AND in combination but it seems cumbersome and clunky. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I have formulas in cells on the sheet listing total hours, hours after break, total overtime, etc.

Here is what a selection of the times looks like enter image description here

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If you know how to get double overtime, you should be able to get overtime with this logic:

overtime === total time8 Hours W/Breakdouble overtime

Your sample spreadsheet shows that you are using "digital hours" that look like 6.75 instead of durations like 6:45. It is usually simpler to stick to durations. See this answer for an explanation of how date and time values work in spreadsheets.

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