I'm banging my head against a wall trying to find a way to highlight a swimming time compared to results from past swim meets.

  • Column A is my swimmers time
  • Column B is the event
  • Column D is the time for a few places within that event
  • Column E-W is the time result for that place of that event per college conference (row 1 = conference)

Goal - Highlight the nearest place my swimmers time would put them in each conference.

Example - My swimmers 50 Free time of 24.85 would put them closest to 32nd place in the BIG12, 1st place in the SAAC and 9th place in the PCSC.

A copy of my data is below. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Try this formula :

=if(isna(query({$A$2:$B$64,indirect(address(2,vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1)&":"&address(counta($B:$B),vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1))}, "Select Col1 where Col2 = '"&$K2&"' and Col3 <= '"&$J2&"' order by Col3 desc limit 1 ",)),1,query({$A$2:$B$64,indirect(address(2,vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1)&":"&address(counta($B:$B),vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1))}, "Select Col1 where Col2 starts with '"&$K2&"' and Col3 <= '"&$J2&"' order by Col3 desc limit 1 ",))

Refer the screenshot below: copy the formula into cell L2, and copy it across to column P, and drag down for as many swimmer's times as are needed.


  • Conference Names/Columns Table

    • Columns S and T display the names of the conferences and the column number in which the conference results are found
    • =transpose(C1:G1) = Column names
    • =arrayformula(row(B2:B6)+1) = Column number of the relevant conference results (BIG12=C=3, SAAC=D=4, etc)
    • The column numbers are used to create dynamic ranges for the query
  • Query Range

    • $A$2:$B$64 = Place and Event
    • indirect(address(2,vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1)&":"&address(counta($B:$B),vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1)) = relevant Conference Times
      • INDIRECT() returns a range contained in a string
      • ADDRESS() returns a cell reference as a string; in this case two cells are joined by a colon &":"& to create a range
      • address(2,vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1)&":"&address(counta($B:$B),vlookup(L$1,$R:$S,2,false ),1,1) creates a dynamic range
      • part1= returns the starting cell of the relevant conference results by taking the conference name in L1:P1 and referencing the Conference Names/Columns Table to yield the column number.
      • part2= returns the ending cell of the relevant conference results by counting the number of rows in the Events column (B); the column number is the same as part1.
  • Query Criteria

    • Select Col1 where Col2 = '"&$K2&"' and Col3 <= '"&$J2&"' order by Col3 desc limit 1
    • Col1 = Place (Column A)
    • where Col2 = '"&$K2&"' and Col3 <= '"&$J2&"' combines matching the Conference Event to the swimmer's event (in Cell K2) AND the the conference time is less than or equal to the swimmer's time (in Cell J2).
  • IF(ISNA()...

    • Where the swimmer's time is less than a Conference first place time (such as 23.91 compared to SAAC first place of 24.46), the query returns #N/A. IF(ISNA() is used to assign a first place result in those cases.

Sample data


Note: MVCC 50FREE last place time was an error; must be greater than other times in the race.

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