How can formatting be preserved when exporting from Google Slides into other apps that are used in eBook publishing such as Docs? The ms was constructed with the usual text and picture boxes in Slides.

So far I have tried exporting as PDF, going via Chrome, and copy and paste but all of these destroy the formatting. Do I really have to reformat by hand all 100 pages of my carefully laid-out manuscript with embedded pics, footnotes, and links?

  • Welcome to Web Applications. It's very likely that the answer is yes, you have to reformat your content b/c Google Slides content doesn't automatically flow from one slide/page size to another and from one page to another. How the usual text and pictures boxes were set? How are you mapping these boxes to the document elements? Have you considered to use Google Apps Script or the Google Slides API and the corresponding API of the destination format?
    – Rubén
    May 8 at 21:38

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