I don't mind text ads, or Reddit's advertisements where I can comment on them, and I should probably be supporting the sites I visit.

Is there a subscription that automatically whitelists good sites?

The closest I've found is "EasyList without element hiding". As it stands I'm whitelisting the ads manually from well behaved sites.

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    – jonsca
    Nov 9 '16 at 3:56

The newer versions of AdBlock Plus come with a default whitelist of preapproved sites, than you have to turn off if you want to block all ads - this even led to people forking the extension for 'betraying' users etc.

From what I read, the sites have to apply for whitelisting - if your favorite sites don't do that, I'm not sure if there are other subs that allow you to easily whitelist an entire type of ads (like your Reddit example).

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