I really need links to be links, because it makes impossible to copy cards with copy-paste, links are just text.

May be a handy innovation but not for everyone.

  • So frustrating how even when there are thousands of us frustrated PAYING users who hate a feature, Atlassian ignores their requests, and keeps making things worse and worse. Oct 13 at 16:32
  • FYI these are called "Link Previews". They appear for links to some websites and not others. When/how they are shown is not documented. People are asking to be able to disable it here and here and here, and many more. Oct 13 at 16:36

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A couple of options:

  • Use code formatting and surround your link with backticks, e.g. `https://mylink.com`. Unfortunately, this makes the link unclickable.
  • Format your link and leave out the protocol, e.g. [mylink.com](https://mylink.com) which renders as mylink.com.

Other than that - I'm with you! I wish they would stop re-formatting things and hitting URLs that I just happen to paste there.

  • Backticks worked for me (I don't need the link to be clickable).
    – luisdev
    Dec 12, 2022 at 6:30

If you put the URL in a Markdown link as the text, and leave the URL part blank (like [https://example.com/foo](), this will convince Trello to stop screwing with your URLs.

And you don't have to repeat yourself and write the URL twice.

If you put the URL alone, you get this: https://www.cvxpy.org/updates/

But you can stop the madness: [https://www.cvxpy.org/updates/]()

Is rendered as:

rendered card


Another option is to install this extension:

That should work for you, without needing to edit any of your cards. But it won't do anything for the other members of your workspace.

Source: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Trello-questions/Stop-Trello-from-replacing-a-URL-in-a-card-comment-into-a-page/qaq-p/1686289


If you want to put a URL in there, but you don't want it converted by Trello, use the markdown link syntax and just leave a space after the URL.

For example, [https://mylink.com ](https://mylink.com) and note the space before the closing square bracket.

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