I made this formula: ={filter(Sheet1!B1:AA22;Sheet1!B23:AA23=SAND);filter(Sheet1!B26:AA47;Sheet1!B48:AA48=SAND)}

(The "=sand" is just "=true" in my language)

But I keep getting "An Array Literal was missing values for one or more rows"

I have no idea what is wrong. I've been trying stuff for over an hour, and each filter works as intended until I combine them in the {}.

Its in this sheet, in sheet2 cell C3: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1z1Mbqcmnm8hu0ZN5HdSw_JI3bhby0lP7Z03NIg5vmKg/edit?usp=sharing

Anyone got an idea what is wrong?

  • Welcome to Web Applications. Check by separate each function of your formula. PS the sizes of the ranges on a FILTER function should have the same number of rows. – Rubén May 9 at 19:06
  • They both have 21 rows. I have tested them separately, they work fine in that case. – Chav May 9 at 20:01
  • Sheet1!B23:AA23 and Sheet1!B48:AA48 have one row. Does the filter functions that use these ranges in the question are the same that you tested? – Rubén May 9 at 20:04

You are apparently trying to filter columns rather than rows, and using a locale where formula argument separators are semicolons rather than commas. Try this:

  filter(Sheet1!B1:AA22; Sheet1!B23:AA23 = true) 
  filter(Sheet1!B26:AA47; Sheet1!B48:AA48 = true) 

See your sample spreadsheet.

See the { array expression } help page for more info on array delimiters.

  • Wow, thanks alot. No idea why that worked, even after reading the link since i have another sheet where i used ; rarther then the \ (which i have never used for this before). But well, it works, and i know next time to try the \ - Thanks alot! – Chav May 10 at 18:22

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